Worship the Lord Jesus this Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth.  Make sure it remains so.  You are invited to join St. John’s RCUS for a Christmas Day worship service at 10:30 am.

Celebrate the birth of your Lord and Savior by giving Glory to God and worshiping Him.

Christmas Day Service

End the 500th Anniversary year of the Reformation with a Christmas Day worship service.  Join us at St. John’s RCUS to remember and celebrate the incarnation of the Lord Jesus at 10:30 am on December 25th.

Come Let us Adore Him!

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Everyone is invited to a Thanksgiving Eve Service, November 22 at 7pm at St. John’s RCUS.  This is the time of year when even the government proclaims a time of thanksgiving, so come and give thanks to whom it is owed.  Worship the Lord Jesus with us and thank Him for all his wonderful blessings!

St. John’s RCUS 7pm November 22.

Final Friday August 25

Don’t miss this month’s Reformation Celebration on August 25th at 7pm at St. John’s RCUS.  Our speaker will be Dr. Phillip Kayser, pastor of Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha.  He has degrees in Theology and Philosophy/Ethics.  He will be giving a talk on Scripture.

Come and learn more about God’s word.

Refreshments will follow.

Dr. Aquila is coming!

Dr. Dominic Aquila, President of New Geneva Theological Seminary and founder and Editor-in-chief of the Aquila Report, is coming to speak at St. John’s RCUS.  He will be the Missionfest speaker.  He will give a talk Saturday, September 30.  Then he will preach two services on Sunday (at 10:30am and then 1pm) with a lunch in between.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

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