The Synod of Dort 400th Anniversary Year

The Synod of Dort was a Synod held to decide the question of election and related theological issues.  The followers of Jacob Arminius had raised these objections during the previous decade and the Dutch church needed to have the question settled.

One of the fascinating things about Dort is that it was not just a synod for the church in the Netherlands.  Rather it was a Synod that included people from every major Reformed Church in Europe, except France who had been invited, but forbidden to come by King Louis XIII.  Brandenburg did not send delegates, but their church was just a few years old at that point, and some small locals did not go either, but this was truly an ecumenical Reformed synod.

As we go through this year and the next, we are going to remember and celebrate the Synod of Dort and its pronouncements, the Canons of Dort commonly called the Five Points of Calvinism.  We hope you can join us for some events or just take time to be in God’s word as we see how the Lord used this event in the life of his church.

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