“I Am With You Always”

November 2 & 3, 2018

Featuring:  Dr. R. Scott Clark



In the late 16th and early 17th century, less than a century after the Reformation had first been consolidated, the Reformed Churches across Europe and the British Isles found themselves fighting for their spiritual (and physical) lives and for the gospel of grace. The greatest threat they faced did not come from Spain or Rome but from within their own churches as a Reformed minister worked to undermine the very gospel Luther and the Protestants had recovered.

St. John’s Reformed Church (RCUS) invites you to join us the first weekend of November as we commemorate the four-hundredth anniversary of the Synod of Dort.

We trust this will be an edifying and encouraging time of learning and fellowship.  Join us as we consider the topic – “I Am With You Always”: Reformed Christendom Responds to Arminius.

Conference Location:
St. John’s Reformed Church
1101 S. 26th St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68502
(402) 476-1827

Looking for material on the Canons of Dort?

Are you looking for material on the Canons of Dort since it is the 400th anniversary of the Synod?

A good book to introduce your children to the book is The Glory of Grace By William Boekestein, The Glory of Grace.

Dr. Cornelius Venema has a nice fairly short work on the Canons entitled, But for the Grace of God.

Crisis in the Reformed Churches is an oldie but a goodie.  This collection of essays that will not disappoint.

And I hear some new ones are coming out.  We will keep you up to date on new books.


50 days after the resurrection we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  That days is Sunday May 20th, this year.  Take a moment today and praise God for the sending of the Spirit to work in our hearts.  For without Him, we would be lost, without comfort, and without any hope of Christ’s work being applied to our hearts.

“What do you believe concerning the Holy Spirit? First, that He is co-eternal God with the Father and the Son.  Second, that He is also given unto me: by true faith makes me a partaker of Christ and all His benefits, comforts me, and shall abide with me forever.”

– Heidelberg Catechism Q.53

Good Friday

“So they took Jesus, and he went out, bearing his own cross, to the place called the place of a skull, which in Aramaic is called Golgotha.  They they crucified him, and with him two others, on on either side, and Jesus between them.”  – John 19:16-18

“but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews and folly to the Gentiles, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.  For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”  – 1 Corinthians 1:23-25

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